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Mt. Olive Music Ministry

"To enrich each worship experience through the Ministry of Music in preparation and support of the spoken word."

Our Goals

To use music to emphasize participation in the teaching ministry of the church.


 To encourage individuals in the music ministry in their personal faith and walk with God.


 To address and administer to the spiritual and musical needs of the congregation

Music Ministry Staff

rev Larry D Allen.webp

             Rev. Larry D. Allen

              Minister of Music

media music notes orange.png

             Dorran Burns



  Debra Perry

Music Director         

    Dontae Price

Bass Guitar/Drums

Featured Videos

debra perry CD 4.webp


Debra Perry & Majestic Praise

17 SONGS • 1 HOUR AND 17 MINUTES • AUG 10 2012

Debre Perry cd 6.jpg


Debra Perry & Jaidyn's Call

10 SONGS • 33 MINUTES • MAR 03 2015

Debra Perry cd 5.jpg

Debra Perry and Majestic Praise

by Perry, Debra | Sep 6, 2002

Debra Perry cd 2.png

CD's by Debra Perry

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