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Connect, Learn, Grow   

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 Christian Women                     Tuesday's                6:00p.m.                      J.P. Wilson Hall

Christian women meet in a casual setting to discuss topics  by using bible verses
to fully understand God's purpose for women as it relates to todays issues.


Mission Ministry                       Tuesday's                1:00p.m.                       Main Sanctuary

The Mission Ministry exists to inspire women in the faith to continuously build a better relationship with God and each other by supporting the spiritual growth of our Mt. Olive sisters and women throughout the Saginaw community.
                        Group Leaders: Brenda Carter, Rev. Mildred Dorsey-Bell 

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Body and Soul                       3rd Saturday               11:00a.m.                J.P. Wilson Hall

Our charge is to encourage members to take charge of their health by

 providing ongoing health educational activities and vital health information. We also promote healthy eating habits by encouraging members to prepare nourishing meals & engage in physical activity. 

                          Group Leaders: Gail Little , Harriet Douglas

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God's Prayer Shawl                                 TBD                                               offsite

God's Shawl prayer Ministry exists to show the love of God through prayer, a comfort throw and visitation, also providing local nursing homes and Hospice patients with a comfort, shawl or lap blanket.
                        Group Leader: Annetta Brown

Women's Day Weekend                             Mothers Day week                                     J.P. Wilson Hall
                                                                                                                                   Main Sanctuary

Women of the church get together during Mothers Day week for Food, Fun and Fellowship. In the past they have traveled to various cities for stage plays and, of course, shopping. Saturday is a special fellowship in the J.P. Wilson Hall followed by Sunday Service with a guest speaker and women serving in all capacities. 

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Men's Ministry (Laymen's)                           Tuesday's                            6:00p.m.                      Rm. 208
  To cultivate the Christian life of laymen through study, worship, fellowship and service.
Men's Day Weekend                                    Mothers Day week                                     J.P. Wilson Hall                                                                                                                                          Main Sanctuary

Men of the church get together during Fathers Day weekend for Food and Fellowship. In the past they have traveled to Pistons Games, Tiger Stadium, of course, not much shopping. Saturday is reserved for a fellowship, prayer and breakfast, prepared by the men, in the J.P. Wilson Hall.     Sunday Service has a guest speaker with men serving in all capacities. 

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Children's Church                    Sunday's                              Gymnasium, Lower Level rooms

 To provide a foundation for children to live a Godly and Christ-entered life through the key areas of

       Evangelism, fellowship, discipline, Ministry and Worship.

Second Sunday Soldiers            Sunday's                              Gymnasium, Lower Level rooms

To train youth, ages five through eighteen, to efficiently and effectively lead the congregation through the worship experience.

Youth Ministry                           Sunday's                                Gymnasium, Class rooms

Our goal is to provide a foundation for youth to live a Godly and Christ-Centered life by helping them understand their purpose and by teaching them how to live in their purpose, while making the process fun.

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Womens Ministry
Mens Ministry
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