Flocks are created to meet the needs of the congregation so that no individual member

is left Behind.

 The Deacon and Deaconess' Ministry

 Flocks are created to meet the needs of the congregation so that no

  member is left Behind.

                                 Additional Information about Flocks:

 People can call each other or their Flock Leaders at any time.

Share in celebrations (Open Houses etc.)

Have Fellowship Meeting to grow closer.

Minimum outings per year (2)

Get Questions answered pertaining to Mt. Olive

Do Fun Activities together

Develop personal relationships

Meet the needs of the people and each other

Address any needs or concerns

Liaison to Pastor



On Call This Week:  Delta Flock


      ALPHA FLOCK                     BETA FLOCK







                  Deacon & Deaconess'                                                       Deacon and Deaconess'

                     Shirley Sangster                                                           Eloskia and Shirley Bradley

                       Shirley Murry                                                                       Brandon Cork

                   Sleadia Sweeney                                                                      Valerie Toney

                      Leodis Ford




      DELTA FLOCK                   EPSILON FLOCK






               Deacon and Deaconess'                                                     Deacon and Deaconess'

                 Willie and Tena Bond                                                       Jim and Beatrice Bender

                        Marcy Nash                                                              George & Dorothy Williams

                      Johnnie Sewell


           GAMMA FLOCK

               Deacon and Deaconess'

                                    Emma Atwater

                                   Anitra Sweeney

                      Lavelle and Delores Williams

 Deacons and Deaconess' of

"The Olive"

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